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Dover Police Create Video To Aid Child Cancer Patient 5-20-2015

After four months and 34 million views on Youtube alone, people around the world have seen the viral Dashcam Confessional featuring Officer Jeff Davis lip-syncing to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off hit single.  As a result of that video, the Dover Police Department has received messages from across the globe thanking us for brightening their day.  However, one of those messages stood out amongst the rest.

Victoria Marsh is a 13 and a half year old girl from Delaware.  (Victoria asked that we make sure everybody knows about the half.) Victoria, like most girls her age, is a huge fan of Taylor Swift.  She loves to sing and dance to her music, and even dressed as her idol for Halloween in 2014.  In December of 2014, Victoria complained to her parents about a pain in her ankle.  A week after visiting doctors at the AI Dupont Hospital for Children, doctors informed Victoria that she had a form of bone cancer; osteosarcoma.

In February, Victoria had the lower half of her left leg amputated.  Since then, she has been fitted with a prosthetic that she refers to as her “fancy foot.”  Her dream has always been to meet Taylor Swift and attend a concert.  The Dover Police Department, as a result of the Shake it Off video, received tickets from Taylor Swift’s record label for the June concert in Philadelphia, PA and offered them to the Marsh family.  Unfortunately, it was later learned that Victoria cannot attend because of her chemotherapy treatments.  Victoria chose to give the tickets to her sisters because of the support and love they provide her throughout her battle.  Cpl. Mark Hoffman, of the Dover Police Public Affairs Office, and Victoria’s mother, Karen, came up with the idea to create a video in hopes that Taylor Swift will see Victoria’s wish to Facetime or even meet Taylor during her upcoming tour stop in Philadelphia.  It is the hope of the family and the Dover Police Department that the video will quickly become popular and reach Taylor Swift so that Victoria’s wish will come true and she will gain support from around the country.

Page 2 of the letter
Page 2 of the letter
Page One of a letter from Victoria's mother to the Dover Police Department
Page One of a letter from Victoria’s mother to the Dover Police Department