The Dover Police Department in conjunction with The Dover Modern Maturity Center is offering a new program called “Are You Okay”.  This is a free service for older adults, disabled persons, shut-ins who live alone, and anyone in the area who needs to be checked upon daily.  This same program is in use in over 200 cities and towns across the United States and Canada.  The system is credited with saving numerous lives and reduces the worry and anguish for countless people, families and friends.

Here is how the program works:

  • The subscriber is asked to fill out a questionnaire.
  • A volunteer enters data from the questionnaire into a database in the computer. (All information provided is kept strictly confidential).
  • The computer dials the subscriber’s phone at a time specified by the subscriber.
  • The subscriber will hear a recording asking “Good morning, are you okay?”
  • By answering the telephone, the subscriber has acknowledged that they are okay and do not need assistance.
  • If the phone is not answered, a second call will be made.  If the second call is not answered, an alert is given to a volunteer worker in the monitoring office who in turn will notify an emergency contact person listed on the questionnaire. The local police department may be notified if a contact cannot be reached.
  • For more information, or to sign up for the Are You Okay? service, contact the Delaware Modern Maturity Center

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