Community Resources and Links

Adult Protective Services 1-800-223-9074
Catholic Charities 674-1600
Community Legal Aid Society 674-8500
Delaware Helpline 1-800-464-4357
Delmarva Rural Ministries 678-2000
Domestic Violence Hotline (24 hour intervention) 422-8058
Domestic Violence Advocacy Program (Kent) 672-1075
Dover Police Victim Services 736-7134
Department of Corrections 739-5601
   Victims Assistance 857-5440
   Centralized Records 857-5382
   Probation & Parole Victim Services 674-7193
Department of Justice (Kent County) 739-4211
Division of Family Services (24 hour intervention) 1-800-292-9582
Contact LIFELINE-Sexual Assualt (24 hour intervention) 1-800-262-9800
Victim’s Compensation Assistance Program 255-1770
James Williams State Service Center 857-5000

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