Dover Police ANGEL Program


Dover Police Department ANGEL Program Policy

Opiate overdose is a contributing cause of accidental death in City of Dover. To help reduce the number of fatal and nonfatal overdoses, we are changing the way we handle addicts who request help with their addiction to opiates such as morphine, heroin, fentanyl, oxycodone as found in OxyContin®, Percocet® and Percodan®, and hydrocodone as found in Vicodin®. There are many resources available in the city of Dover to help with this disease, but many people do not know how to access these services. With strong community support, the Dover Police Department under the direction of Chief Paul M. Bernat will be adopting the following policy to address the needs of any
person who comes into the station requesting help with their opiate addiction.


Any person who enters the police station and requests help with their addiction to opiates will be immediately screened into the ANGEL program. If such a person who has requested help with their addiction is in possession of drugs or their drug equipment (needles, etc.), they will not be charged.  Any officers having contact with anyone entering the Dover Police Department and requesting help with their addiction will be professional, compassionate and understanding at all times. The officer will immediately notify the on-duty supervisor that a potential Angel intake is requesting help with their addiction.

We are here to help EVERYONE.  Regardless of who you are or where you’re from, if you ask for help, we will do everything in our power to connect you with the resources you need.  Whether you’re from Dover, Delaware or California, we don’t turn anyone away.

A person seeking help with their addiction to opiates may be deemed INELIGIBLE to participate in the Dover Police Department Volunteer ANGEL Program if:

The subject has an outstanding arrest warrant for a serious offense (i.e. felony level
offense or violent crime)

The subject has three or more drug-related CONVICTIONS on their criminal record if
at least one of those CONVICTIONS from a possession with intent to distribute OR
trafficking OR drug violation in a school zone OR be in possession of trafficking weight.

The officer or on-duty supervisor expresses the reasonable belief that the ANGEL or
Officer could be seriously harmed by the subject

The subject is under age 18 and does not have parent or guardian consent

If the subject presents with any signs or symptoms of withdrawal or any other clear
medical conditions, or simply requests at the time of intake, he or she will be
immediately transported to Bayhealth Hospital or Connections may be able to handle
some subjects that are suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

If an addict comes into the Dover Police Department and asks for help, an officer will work with the person and aid them in getting the help they need.  Officers will contact CONNECTIONS where they will be paired with an “ANGEL” who will help guide them through the process. We have partnered with Connections Community Support Programs to ensure that our patients receive the care and treatment they deserve — not in days or weeks, but immediately.  With an outpatient care center right here in Dover and a 28-bed detox facility just a short drive away, we are confident our partnership can help stop addiction issues in our area.

If you have drugs or drug paraphernalia on you, we will dispose of it for you. You will not be arrested. You will not be charged with a crime. You will not be jailed.  All you have to do is come to the police station and ask for help. We are here to do just that.

When you come in, an officer will assist you until an ANGEL from Connections arrives.  During this time, you will be asked to complete some documents.  You can view the documents for participants and the Angel’s below.

Dover PD Angel Confidentiality Agreement
Dover PD ANGEL Participant Intake Form
Dover PD Angel Patient Program Agreement
Dover PD Angel Volunteer Liability Release Form
Dover Police Department Angel Guidelines