The FBI National Academy is considered the most prestigious law enforcement school available. The National Academy has long been a vital element in the continuing improvement of law enforcement standards, knowledge, and cooperation throughout the world. The FBI National Academy provides a wide range of leadership and specialized training, as well as an opportunity for professional law enforcement officers to share ideas, techniques, and experiences. Attendees are invited after being nominated by their department. Once nominated, the Officers undergo an extensive background check and interview process. Admission to the FBI National Academy is very limited: only 1/2 of 1 percent of all law enforcement in the world are invited by the Director of the FBI to attend the academy. Law Enforcement officers from around the world submit to concentrated studies and demanding physical training for ten weeks. Once the officers graduate from the National Academy, they are encouraged to join the FBI National Academy Associates located in their State or region. The Dover Police Department is extremely fortunate and proud to have 24 officers graduate from the FBI National Academy to this date.

  • Chief James E. Hosfelt Jr. Graduated March 19, 2010 240th Session
  • Lt. Paul Bernat Graduated March 20, 2009 263th Session
  • Lt. Steven Getek Graduated June 10, 2005 221st Session
  • Capt. Lester Boney (Retired) Graduated March 19, 2004 216th Session
  • Capt. James Kurtz (Retired) Graduated December 7, 2001 207th Session
  • Capt. Mark Claveloux (Retired) Graduated September 9, 2000 202nd Session
  • Chief Jeff Horvath (Retired) Graduated June 25, 1999 197th Session
  • Lt. Raymond Taraila Jr. (Retired) Graduated December 12, 1997 191st Session
  • Capt. Geary Mosley (Retired) Graduated March 22, 1996 184th Session  
  • Capt. J. Robert Mays (Retired) Graduated June 18, 1993 173rd Session
  • Chief J. Richard Smith (Retired) Graduated June 12, 1992 169th Session 
  • Capt. W. James Beauchamp (Retired) Graduated June 21, 1991 165th Session 
  • Chief Keith I. Faulkner (Retired) Graduated December 9, 1988 155th Session 
  • Capt. Robert L. Bates Sr. (Retired) Graduated March 22, 1985 140th Session 
  • Capt. Herman L. Ford (Retired) Graduated June 24, 1983 133rd Session 
  • Major Boyce K. Failing (Retired) Graduated December 12, 1980 123rd Session 
  • Capt. Larry D. Gray (Retired) Graduated September 22, 1978 114th Session
  • Capt. Michael D. Stachecki (Retired) Graduated June 16, 1977 109th Session 
  • Lt. William H. Knotts (Retired) Graduated September 23, 1976 106th Session 
  • Chief James L. Hutchison (Retired) Graduated September 25, 1975 102nd Session 
  • Lt. Lyle M. Baltrusch (Retired) Graduated March 30, 1973 92nd Session 
  • Chief Joe A. Klenoski (Retired) Graduated June 7, 1972 89th Session 
  • Capt. Charles D. Donovan (Retired) Graduated October 28, 1970 86th Session 
  • Daniel W. Camac Jr. (Resigned) Graduated May 25, 1966 77th Session 

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