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Dover PD’s Sex Offender Compliance Section consists of two employees who monitor all registered sex offenders that reside, work, or attend school in the city limits of Dover. At any given time there are between 240 and 275 offenders that meet this criterion in Dover.

The agents are responsible for making all public notifications regarding sex offenders. The agents conduct audits on all offenders in the city to ensure compliance with the program. Tier 1 is the lowest level and is audited once a year, Tier 2 are moderate risk and are audited bi-annually and Tier 3 is the highest risk level are audited 4 times with-in the year. If an offender has violated the conditions of his/her restrictions then a warrant is obtained and the agents, along with sworn Dover Police officers, aggressively search for them to make the arrest.

The public can also monitor sex offender activity/notifications by clicking this link:

Agents Andy Morris and Carl Humphrey work in the Sex Offender Enforcement Unit
 Sex Offender Enforcement Agents


Dial 911

Sex Offender Enforcement Unit Phone: (302)-736-7144 or (302)-736-7135