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Weekly Shoplifting Notifications 9/4/14-9/11/14

The Dover Police Department responded to a total of 14 shoplifting complaints between Noon on Thursday, September 4th and Noon on Thursday, September September 11th.  This week saw a decrease of 2 complaints compared to the same time period as last week’s post, which saw a decrease of ten complaints from the week prior to that.  Of the 14 shoplifting complaints, 9 resulted in arrests of the suspects involved, 3 were unfounded after investigations revealed no crimes occurred, and 1 of them is still under investigation without identified suspects.  There were a total of 10 adult arrests and 6 juvenile arrests during this time period for a total of 16 arrests in 9 cases.

Multiple Arrests
This week’s notifications include 4 incidents in which multiple arrests were made.  Boscov’s arrested 3 juveniles on September 7th for stealing $82.00 worth of clothing items.  Goodwill caught an adult and 2 juveniles shoplifting. Macy’s caught 3 adult women stealing $413.00 worth of shirts and 2 adult women were caught shoplifting from both TJ MAXX and Kohl’s.

Repeat Appearances
This week’s notifications also include two suspects who were on last week’s post.  Alexis Overstreet was arrested for shoplifting at SEARS this week and was caught shoplifting at Boscov’s last week.  Kenneth Luke, who was caught shoplifting at a CVS store last week, was caught shoplifting at SEARS this week as well.