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Ms. Diane Glenn serves as the Department’s Victim Services Coordinator and provides crime victims with professional assistance and support. Each crime victim and their family are provided with a supportive environment to assist them through some very difficult times and decisions in their lives. Our goal is to help lessen the trauma suffered and provide support throughout the criminal justice process.  Services provided to crime victims and their families vary in each case depending upon the needs of the individual. Services include: death notifications, crisis intervention, referrals to community based services, criminal justice updates, court accompaniments, assistance with filing for violent crime compensation through the state, as well as a host of other services as needed in each particular case.  The Dover Police Department is committed to the fair, compassionate, and dignified treatment of all crime victims. We continue to strive to improve and enhance all services related to helping victims and survivors through such traumatic events.

Delaware Victim’s Rights Task Force

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