Dial 911 for Emergency

Executive Staff and Unit Commander Contact Information

Chief of Police
Chief Thomas Johnson, Jr.
Phone: 302-736-7100
Email: Thomas.Johnson@cj.state.de.us



Deputy Chief
Major Dave Spicer
Phone: 302-736-7102
Email: Dave.Spicer@cj.state.de.us



Operations Division Commander
Captain Randy Robbins
Phone: 302-736-7131
Email: Randy.Robbins@cj.state.de.us



Office of Professional Standards
Captain Kevin Kober
Phone: 302-736-7103
Email: Kevin.Kober@cj.state.de.us




Administrative Division Commander
Captain Christopher Hermance
Phone: 302-736-7110
Email: Christopher.Hermance@cj.state.de.us




Criminal Investigations Unit Commander
Lieutenant Aaron Dickinson
Phone: 302-736-7132
Email: Aaron.Dickinson@cj.state.de.us




Patrol Unit Commander
Lieutenant Jordan Miller
Phone: 302-736-7117
Email: Jordan.Miller@cj.state.de.us



Special Enforcement Unit Commander
Lieutenant Paul Kuntzi
Phone: 302-736-7145
Email: Paul Kuntzi@cj.state.de.us



Internal Affairs Unit Commander
Lieutenant Robert Roswell
Phone: 302-736-7124
Email: Robert.Roswell@cj.state.de.us