Executive Staff and Unit Commander Contact Information

maileyChief of Police
Major Marvin Mailey
Phone: 302-736-7101
Email: Marvin.Mailey@cj.state.de.us



spicerOperations Division Commander
Captain David Spicer
Phone: 302-736-7103
Email: Dave.Spicer@cj.state.de.us



stumpAdministration Division Commander
Captain Tim Stump
Phone: 302-736-7110
Email: Tim.Stump@cj.state.de.us



chadbernatCriminal Investigations Unit Commander
Lieutenant Chad Bernat
Phone: 302-736-7132
Email: Chad.Bernat@cj.state.de.us



koberInternal Affairs Unit Commander
Lieutenant Kevin Kober
Phone: 302-736-7124
Email: Kevin.Kober@cj.state.de.us



hermieSpecial Enforcement Unit Commander
Lieutenant Chris Hermance
Phone: 302-736-7145
Email: Christopher. Hermance@cj.state.de.us



casePatrol Unit Commander
Lieutenant Todd Case
Phone: 302-736-7131
Email: Todd.case@cj.state.de.us