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Dover Police Address Rumors of Kidnapping in Resolved Missing Person Case 9-23-2020

On Sunday, September 20th, 2020, the Dover Police Department took a missing person report regarding an adult female that had been missing since the prior evening.  A Gold Alert was issued on September 21st after receiving sufficient information from her family that met the requirements for an alert.  On the evening of September 22nd, the missing woman was located safely in Maryland.  Since that time, information has publicly circulated that she was kidnapped, and taken out of state, against her will. 

Understandably, this is sparking concerns from the public about a continuing threat to their safety.  Based on the investigation conducted by Dover Police detectives, the department can confirm that no crime was committed in this case and there is not a threat to public safety.  The individual who was the object of this missing person report has made false statements regarding her disappearance.  It is causing baseless concern in the community and has led to a GoFundMe effort, on her behalf, that relies on the inaccurate information. 

The Dover Police Department will always proactively inform the community of any credible threat to citizen safety.  In this matter, there is none.