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Dover Police Department Selected to be Inaugural Member of the Nation’s First-Ever Law Enforcement-Community Engagement Network

Dover Police Department is proud to announce that it is one of a small group of agencies selected to participate in the first cohort of the Law Enforcement Community-Engagement Network (LECEN).

The LECEN is a first-of-its-kind resource to support public safety professionals in the highly specialized community engagement sector. It provides them with access to best practices, peer support, industry expertise, and current research.

The network is convened by MovementForward, Inc., a modern, inclusive social change organization working to protect, promote, and advance the civil and human rights of all people.

“Community collaboration is essential to the success of our mission.  The Dover Police Department is very proud of what PFC Aviles has brought to our Community Policing efforts for many years.  We are overjoyed that he was recognized and selected by MovementForward to pioneer the first steps of LECEN.  Solving Community problems is a shared responsibility and we want to do our part.” – Dover Police Chief Thomas Johnson

The 2023 trial cohort will set the stage for the full launch of the full network in the second half of 2023. Its members will offer feedback, organize events in their local communities, and receive support through webinars, networking, and training. Cohort members were invite-only and provide a cross-section of agency size and types, geographies, demographics, census sizes, experiences, and more.

“For the past several years, we’ve seen significant strains on the relationship between law enforcement and communities,” said Rev. Markel Hutchins, president & CEO of MovementForward, Inc. “The members of this cohort are exemplary in engaging their residents and will provide key insight into the building and professionalizing of the field of community engagement.”

About MovementForward, Inc.

MovementForward, Inc. is a modern, inclusive social change organization working to protect, promote and advance the civil and human rights of all people. It organizes activities focused on reconciliation and bridge building including National Faith & Blue Weekend and the Professionalizing Law Enforcement Training Conference.

Visit MovementForward, Inc at www.movementforward.org or follow us on Twitter at @MovementFWD.