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Confidential Questionnaire for Dover Police Applicants

Congratulations on your successful completion of the oral board phase of the Dover Police Department’s hiring process. You are one of a few applicants that have been chosen to complete the background investigation portion of the testing process. As you will soon experience, this is a demanding process that is designed to ensure that the Dover Police Department only hires applicants of the highest quality.

Please  download a Dover Police Applicant Background Questionnaire Packet at the link below.  The questionnaire needs to be completed in its entirety, either typed or handwritten so that it is completely legible.  Failure to properly complete the personal history questionnaire or provide the investigator with proper information or documents in a timely manner, or meet deadlines may result in disqualification from the hiring process.  It is imperative that you accurately follow the questionnaire’s instructions.  If there are any questions please contact the Planning and Training Unit at (302)-736-7116.  The questionnaire must be completed and received by the Dover Police Department’s Planning and Training office by the date and time provided by the Planning and Training Unit.  Packets may be mailed in or turned in to the police station directly.

Background Questionnaires will not be accepted via email and must be turned in at the police department or by U.S. Mail.  Questionnaires that are received after this date and time will be considered late and will result in a disqualification from this hiring process.


Background Cover Pages (Complete First) (MS Word)

Background Questionnaire Police Applicant (Complete Second) (MS Word)