The Drug, Vice, & Organized Crime Section is comprised of five officers who work in an undercover or plain clothes capacity. All five officers working in concert are committed to drugunit1eliminating the use and sale of illegal drugs, counterfeit merchandise, and prostitution from the City of Dover. An additional position, Gang Intelligence Officer, was formed to handle the growing concern over gangs in the City of Dover. The Gang Intelligence Officer is  assigned to the Drug, Vice and Organized Crime Section and is responsible for intelligence gathering and criminal investigation of Gang Members and Violent Offenders. Because of their dedication and commitment, the DVOC Section handled a total of 1,951 cases. As a result of these cases, the unit seized a large number of illegal drugs and money. These seizures include 4,240 grams of marijuana, 2,710 grams of cocaine, 161 grams of heroin, 2,008 prescription pills and $129,000.00 in currency.

drug unit2

Narcotics Seizure

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