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The Internal Affairs Unit is staffed with one sworn officer who holds the rank of Lieutenant. The mission of the Internal Affairs Unit is to ensure the integrity of the Police Department by maintaining an internal system that is objective, fair, and equitable in its methods of internal investigation. The Internal Affairs Office is responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct by employees both sworn and civilian. The Internal Affairs Unit also investigates all complaints or allegations of corruption, use of excessive force, breach of civil rights, criminal misconduct, and violations of department policy. This office is tasked with working directly with the City Solicitor in responding to civil actions.
In addition to its primary duties, the Internal Affairs Office retains an active role in training new recruits along with local citizens who attend the Citizens Police Academy. New employees are acquainted with the function of the Internal Affairs Office, including an overview of rules, regulations and job performance standards. Internal Affairs is also tasked with several other responsibilities including the inspection of departmental equipment, vehicles and evidence storage facilities.

Citizens can file complaints at the following link:

Citizens can review Internal Affairs Statistics at this link:
Annual Reports and Annual Internal Affairs Statistics