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Office of Professional Standards

The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for ensuring that the sworn members of the Dover Police Department work in true partnership with the public, and that our contact with members of the public is positive. Officers of the Dover Police Department are trained to follow local, state and federal policies and procedures.


The mission of the Office of Professional Standards is to protect the public and the Dover Police Department through fair, thorough and proactive investigations of alleged misconduct.

  • PROTECTION OF THE PUBLIC – Identifying and taking corrective action of police department personnel by changing procedures that would result in a negative perception by the citizens of Dover.
  • PROTECTION OF PERSONNEL – Ensuring that all allegations against employee personnel are investigated fairly and with accuracy so that malicious and false misconduct complaints are identified.
  • PROTECTION OF THE DEPARTMENT – initiating the corrective action so that misconduct by a small number will not affect the integrity of the City of Dover Police Department.

The Office of Professional Standards is overseen by the rank of Captain and was created in 2020.  This position ensures that this function of the Dover Police Department is present in all decisions formulated by the senior command staff of the agency.  Units that operate under the Office of Professional Standards are:
-Internal Affairs
-Accreditation Manager/Crime Analyst
-Planning and Training Unit
-Police Academy/Recruitment
-Firearms/Use of Force
-Evidence Technician/Storage

Office of Professional Standards
Captain Randy Robbins
Phone: 302-736-7103
Email: Randy.Robbins@cj.state.de.us