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Before submitting an application, applicants must meet the following requirements:DPD Sgt Badge1a

Citizenship – Applicant must be a United States citizen.

Age – Applicants must reach their 21st birthday prior to completion of the Academy training.  Applicant’s must not have reached their 35th birthday by the date of hire (typically the first day of academy training).

Education – High School Graduate. All applicants must have graduated from an accredited high school or possess a G.E.D. and be able to provide proof of graduation. The Dover Police Department does not require a college degree in order to receive appointment as a Police Officer. College level coursework in law enforcement, i.e., Criminal Justice, Psychology, Sociology, Business, Administration, Political Science, or Counseling is preferred.

Residence – No requirement when submitting an application. However, Delaware residency is required at the completion of academy training.

Driver’s License – Possess a valid Delaware driver’s license at time of appointment. Sworn employees of the Dover Police Department must obtain a valid Delaware driver’s license upon their appointment as a member of the agency
Criminal Record and Activity – Any felony conviction is an automatic disqualification. Any criminal activity that would be considered a felony under federal law of the state in which the activity occurred is a disqualification. Arrests for any offense must be expunged, and conviction of any offense must be pardoned, prior to submitting an application. (Arrest or conviction for all other crimes and offenses are subject to evaluation.) A Driving under the influence conviction within previous 5 years, is an automatic disqualification.

Drug Usage – The following is automatic disqualification:

  • Ever used a mind altering hallucinogenic drug, such as LSD, PCP, etc, heroin or any of its derivatives, or cocaine or its derivatives.
  • Marijuana may not have been used during the previous 12 months and may not have ever been used except experimentally.
  • Used a controlled substance after having filed an application for employment as a Police Officer.
  • Have used amphetamines or any of its derivatives without prescription more than 5 times and/or within 5 years of filing application or any non-prescription use since filing an application.
  • Have a history or pattern of extensive use or abuse of controlled substance or history of extensive use or abuse of alcohol without corresponding evidence of rehabilitation.
  • Have manufactured, delivered, or possessed with intent to manufacture or deliver a controlled substance. Conviction not necessary.

Vision – The applicant shall be examined by a licensed ophthalmologist and shall possess acuity of vision of not more than 20/200 correctable to 20/20 in each eye with soft contact lenses. The applicant shall have the ability to distinguish between the colors of red, green, and amber; and shall have no pathology of the eyes. Applicant shall also possess acceptable depth perception.