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Dover Police Press Conference 9-25-15

On Wednesday, September 30th, the Dover Police Department will hold a press conference to announce its latest internet based partnership with Nextdoor.  Nextdoor is an online platform that allows neighbors of individual neighborhoods and communities communicate across a secure network and allows police to communicate messages to those specific neighborhoods as well.  The program is designed to connect community members and develop relationships that will make communities stronger and safer and is another way the Dover Police Department is working to improve community policing strategies.

Date: Wednesday, September 30th
Time: 10:00AM
Location:  Dover Police Department Public Assembly Room

Speakers at the press conference will include Joseph Porcelli from Nextdoor, Mayor Robin Christiansen, and Chief Paul Bernat.  There will be a brief period for questions after the press conference.  Any questions or requests for information can be made to MCpl. Mark Hoffman via email at: mark.hoffman@cj.state.de.us

To learn more about Nextdoor and how law enforcement can utilize the program, watch the videos below: