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Dover Police Department Launches New Public Information Platform

patch1docThe City of Dover Police Department is converting their current press release platform to a new and improved platform on WordPress.  Inspired by the appearance and success of the Philadelphia Police Department’s blog page, Dover Police decided to make the switch to make it easier for the citizens of Dover to access news from their local police department, as well as have easier access to forms, sex offender tracking, and more.  In the coming weeks, the Dover Police Department will discontinue the use of their current press release system on http://www.doverpolice.org and utilize this new blog format.  Not only will it enable the citizens to have easier access to the police department, but it will allow users to comment, ask questions, and share information on a variety of social media platforms as well, allowing the reach of the Dover Police Department to expand well beyond what the current website provides.  This is just another great tool we are utilizing to help us expand and improve the services we provide to our citizens of Dover and surrounding areas.  We look forward this new venture and hope you find it to be as helpful as we intend.