Dial 911 for Emergency

YMCA Chemical Incident Result of Delivery Mistake

The Dover Police Department, along with the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), the Dover Fire Department, Little Creek Fire Department, and others responded to a report of a chemical leak at the Dover YMCA located on South State Street.  Officials conducted an investigation and determined that an outside company delivering pool chemical unintentionally mixed Meuriatic Acid with Chlorine, causing a chemical reaction within the storage area.  YMCA officials noticed the mistake quickly and notified emergency personnel and began evacuating members and employees that were inside the YMCA building at the time.  All persons were quickly evacuated without incident, and no injuries or exposure to the reaction occurred.  The Dover YMCA then made the decision to close for the remainder of the day.  DNREC officials, in conjunction with the delivery company were able to remove the materials from the tanks safely and the scene has since been cleared.  Media inquiries should be directed to DNREC officials at this time.