Dial 911 for Emergency

Man Attempts to Disarm Dover Officer After Domestic Related Assault 5-1-2014

Incident #: 50-14-10626         Date/Time: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 4:30PM

Location: 700 Block North West Street, Dover, DE 19904

Narrative:  On Wednesday, April 30th at approximately 4:30PM, officers from the Dover Police Department responded to a residence in the 700 Block of North West Street for a report of a domestic altercation.  Upon arrival, officers learned from the victim’s mother that David Kimmick (49) was intoxicated and punched her adult daughter in the face.  The incident was the result of an argument between the family members in which Kimmick threatened to kill both victims.  Officers then attempted to contact Kimmick, who had locked himself in the residence.  Officers continued to make attempts to contact Kimmick for several minutes before he complied and came to the front door of the residence.  At this point, officers began to explain their reason for contacting Kimmick and his family and he attempted to shut the door on the officers.  Dover officers then attempted to take David Kimmick into custody, and he forcibly struggled with the officers in an effort to prevent his arrest.  During this struggle, Kimmick attempted on three separate occasions, to remove one of the officers department issued firearm from the holster in an attempt to disarm the officer.  The officer was able to fight off Kimmick’s efforts and was eventually taken to the ground and taken into police custody.  Kimmick was admitted to a local hospital to undergo an evaluation for a medical condition and will be officially charged upon his release.

No photo is available at this time. 

Pending Charges:

  • Assault 3rd Degree
  • Terroristic Threatening (2x)
  • Resisting Arrest with Force (Felony)
  • Removing/Attempt to Remove a Firearm from the Possession of a L.E. Officer