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Dover Police Issues Phone Scam Warning

The Dover Police Department is issuing a warning about recent phone scams that several citizens have reported.  The most recent scam involved phone calls from persons falsely identifying themselves as members of the Kent County Sheriff’s Office and/or Delaware Courts.  The callers have been telling recipients that they missed jury duty and must pay a fine over the phone/wire transfer immediately to avoid or cancel a warrant for their arrest.  The Kent County Sheriff’s Office has reported at least half a dozen such calls that they are aware of.  No court representative will phone your home asking for money. If you are called, do not give out any personal or financial information and immediately report the incident to authorities. Be on alert and report calls.  If you are unsure of a call/letter from the Delaware Court system or Kent County Sheriff’s Office, you should contact the appropriate courthouse on this website: Delaware Courts (Jury)  .  There are several other similar phone/email scams that have been reported to the Dover Police Department as well.  Many of these calls are from overseas and once money is sent, there is little that can be done for the victims.  For more information about telephone and email scams, please visit the following site: Federal Trade Commission (Phone Scams)