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Dover PD Launches New Mobile App

imageedit_5_7286121975.jpgDo you want access to the Dover Police Department to be a tap of a touchscreen away?  Well now there’s an app for that.  On Monday, June 9th, the Dover Police Department officially activated their mobile application for smartphone and tablet users.   The Dover Police Department began using the My Police Department or MyPD phone application as a means to provide notifications and information to the public regarding events, crimes and wanted persons.  MyPD is an app that can be downloaded through iTunes or Google Play.  With it, citizens have access to a number of features, including contacts, feedback and tip forms.  They can also access information from FEMA, the National Weather Service and the National Terror Advisory System, receive “Push Notifications/Alerts” for emergency alerts and much more.  The police app also contains links to information about wanted persons, sex offenders and crime reports.  It also allows the department to solicit help from the public in ongoing investigations or crimes.   The application creates a two-way flow of information. Users can submit police tips, commend officers, contact personnel, and post questions. Police can send push alerts, post information on parking bans, post tweets, and circulate other information through the application.  The application allows users to have full access to the department website, sex offender notifications, crime mapping, and social media outlets in a smooth, flawless transition from the MyPD application.  The Dover Police Department is the 2nd Delaware agency to utilize the MyPD platform, behind New Castle County.  By adding the mobile application to the department’s online resources and social media outlets, the Dover Police Department is now the elite Delaware agency and is among the nation’s leaders in the use of web based programs to expand it’s reach, fight crime, gather intelligence, and increase it’s presence in the community it serves.

How do I Download the App?                                                                                                    The MyPD application is available on both Android and iPhone platforms.  The app can be found by searching “My PD” or “My Police Department” in the app store. Once downloaded, follow the steps of selecting the country and state, and select the Dover Police Department.  The app is 100% free for all users.

Social Media
Despite the growing trend of social media in the world, there is still a large population who do not use social media in their lives.  This mobile application actually allows users to access the departments Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter pages without having an actual account of their own.  This will greatly benefit the Dover Police Department’s ability to reach the citizens it serves and provide real-time emergency updates.  Users have the option to receive all Dover PD “tweets” as a push notification in addition to the push alerts through the app itself.

Crime Mapping                                                                                                                                  The MyPD Dover Police Application will also connect users to the crime mapping RAIDS Online program unveiled by the department late in 2013.  The map can be accessed through the features and settings tab in the lower right hand corner of the app home screen.  When selected, the app will open the RAIDS Online application if it has been downloaded by the user or re-direct them to download the app.  If a user chooses not to download the RAIDS app, they will be re-directed to the RAIDS Online website where the user can search the Dover area.

Increased Communication                                                                                                           The MyPD application allows multiple methods of communication for the public.  Through the app, the public has access to phone and email contacts from every unit within the department from the records unit all the way to the Chief of Police.  Users can submit feedback about the department, submit tips, questions, or concerns (non-emergency), and commend officers or file officer misconduct complaints from the mobile app.  All users have the ability to remain anonymous when submitting any type of information.  911 continues to be the appropriate method to report emergency situations and request emergency response.

Emergency/Disaster Information                                                                                             Perhaps the single most important feature of the MyPD application is the ability for the department to send out “Push Alerts” during serious incidents, emergencies, and natural disasters.  The department can send out messages to all MyPD users that are registered with the Dover Police Department.  This will greatly improve the department’s ability to provide shelter/safety information during natural disasters, traffic alerts, major crime alerts, evacuation orders, and more.  By having the ability to reach thousands of citizens, it allows the department to focus its manpower in other areas as the application will be able to spread information more quickly.


Media Inquiries
  Contact PIO Cpl. Hoffman (302)736-7130 for questions/interviews/product demos