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18-Year-Old Woman Robbed at ATM 3-6-16

Complaint # 50-16-7023

Date/Time:   Friday, March 4th, 2016 at 11:59PM

Location:  WSFS Bank Drive-Thru ATM, 286 S. DuPont Highway, Dover

Officer Releasing Information:   M/Cpl. Mark Hoffman, Public Information Officer


An 18-year-old female was robbed at knifepoint on Friday night as she was withdrawing money from a Drive-Thru ATM at WSFS Bank.  The incident occurred just one minute before midnight at the WSFS branch at 286 S. DuPont Highway.  The woman was withdrawing an undisclosed amount of money when she was approached by a male suspect who demanded her cash and threatened the victim with a knife.  The victim complied, and the suspect then ordered the victim to withdraw more cash.  The victim complied with the suspects demands, but drove off quickly before the transaction went through.  The suspect was described as a black male, with a grey hooded sweatshirt, black shirt underneath, with jeans.  The suspect was accompanied by at least two other persons, but the victim could not provide a description for those persons.

The investigation is ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact the Dover Police Department at (302)736-7111. Callers may remain anonymous. Tips can also be submitted to law enforcement through tip lines maintained by Delaware Crime Stoppers at 1-800-TIP-3333 or on-line at http://www.tipsubmit.com or through the Dover Police Department MyPD Mobile App

The Dover Police Department offers the following advice for ATM users to ensure a safe transaction and prevent future crimes from occurring:

  1. Always pay close attention to the ATM and your surroundings. Don’t select an ATM at the corner of a building — corners create a blind spot. Use an ATM located near the center of a building. Do your automated banking in a public, well-lighted location that is free of shrubbery and decorative partitions or dividers.
  2. Maintain an awareness of your surroundings throughout the entire transaction. Be wary of people trying to help you with ATM transactions. Be aware of anyone sitting in a parked car nearby. When leaving an ATM make sure you are not being followed. If you are, drive immediately to a police or fire station, or to a crowded, well-lighted location or business.
  3. Do not use an ATM that appears unusual looking or offers options with which you are not familiar or comfortable.
  4. Do not allow people to look over your shoulder as you enter your PIN. Memorize your PIN; never write it on the back of your card. Do not re-enter your PIN if the ATM eats your card — contact a bank official.
  5. Do not wear expensive jewelry or take other valuables to the ATM. This is an added incentive to the assailant.
  6. Never count cash at the machine or in public. Wait until you are in your car or another secure place.
  7. When using a drive-up ATM, keep your engine running, your doors locked and leave enough room to maneuver between your car and the one ahead of you in the drive-up line.
  8. Maintain a supply of deposit envelopes at home or in your car. Prepare all transaction paperwork prior to your arrival at the ATM. This will minimize the amount of time spent at the machine.
  9. Closely monitor your bank statements, as well as your balances, and immediately report any problems to your bank.
  10. If you are involved in a confrontation with an assailant who demands your money, COMPLY.