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Dover Man Arrested for Possession of AR-15 Outfitted with Bump Stock 2-19-2019

Incident/Complaint#:  50-19-4999

Date/Time:   Monday, February 18th, 2019 at 12:30PM

 Location:  400 Block of New Castle Avenue, Dover, DE

Officer Releasing Information:   M/Cpl. Mark Hoffman, Public Information Officer


The Dover Police Department arrested Joseph Carter (45) on weapons offenses on Monday afternoon.  Detectives from the Drugs, Vice, and Organized Crime Unit obtained information that Carter was in possession of a rifle with a bump stock at a residence in the 400 Block of New Castle Avenue.  a records check showed that Carter was wanted on several court capias’ as well as by the Dover Police Department and Office of Animal Welfare.  Carter was taken into custody as he left his residence on Monday afternoon.  A subsequent search of the home led to the discovery of an AR 15 with a bump stock attachment.

As a result, Carter was committed to SCI in default of $20,500 bond on the following charges:
-Possession of a Firearm by Person Prohibited
-Possession of a Destructive Weapon (Bump Stock)
-Local Fugitive

Carter was also wanted by the Dover Police Department on an unrelated Offensive Touching charge and by the Office of Animal Welfare on several offenses.  Carter was not issued a bond on any of those charges.

Joseph Carter
Dover, DE