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Dover Police Department Approved for Body Worn Camera Program

Axon Body 3

The Dover Police Department has received unanimous approval for a Body Worn Camera program for their officers.  During a January 26th Council Meeting of the Whole (Legislative, Finance, and Administration Committee), the proposal for a full body worn camera program was unanimously approved.  The program will now move to City Council for final approval. 

After months of research and field testing different body worn camera brands and models, the Dover Police Department determined that the Axon/Taser model was best suited for their agency.  The program includes a 5-year package that covers all devices and accessories to include:

-70 new Axon Body 3 body worn cameras with two sets of scheduled replacement cameras during the 5-year program
85 new T-7 Tasers
-Device Docking stations and related accessories
-Data Storage and Sharing Capabilities through Evidence.com
Virtual Reality/De-escalation Training for all officers in the following topics:

  • Schizophrenia
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Autism
  • Hard of Hearing
  • Peer Intervention
  • Post-Traumatic-Stress

The approved proposal also addresses the workload that is associated with managing body worn camera data, storage, file maintenance, and evidence requests by funding an evidence manager position for the Dover Police Department.

The body worn camera program was one of several objectives that was part of a series of reform goals outlined in a June 2020 press conference.  Since that announcement, the department provided an update in December detailing the accomplishments of the agency that met or exceeded those goals.  With the approval of the Axon/Taser body worn camera proposal, the Dover Police Department continues to be a leader in the first state in ensuring transparent and equal law enforcement services to their community.

More information on the Body Worn Camera Program:
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