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Traffic Stop Leads to Gun Arrest

Incident Number: 50-21-23335

Date/Time:  Friday, August 6th, 2021 at 9:39 p.m.

Location: McDowell Drive and Carver Drive, Dover, DE

Contact:   Dover Police Department Public Information Office
Sergeant Mark Hoffman   Email: Mark.Hoffman@cj.state.de.us


The Dover Police Department arrested an 18-year-old man for Carrying a Concealed Deadly weapon during a traffic stop on Friday night.  At approximately 9:39 p.m., officers stopped Nashere Edwards for a stop sign violation.  While the vehicle was stopping, Edwards was seen reaching in the area of the rear passenger side.  During the stop, officers observed a loaded 9mm handgun with an extended magazine on the floorboard of the rear passenger side.  Edwards was removed from the vehicle and taken into custody without incident. 


















Edwards was released on an O.R. bond on the following offenses:
-Carry Concealed Deadly Weapon
-Traffic Offenses

Nashere Edwards
Dover, DE