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Vote for Dover Police Athletic League for Rise Community Award Presented by AXON







The Dover Police Department Police Athletic League has been nominated for RISE Community Award Presented by AXON. 

The RISE Awards were developed to help highlight those untold stories of everyday heroes. From the individual officers who put their lives on the line each day, to public safety agencies who work tirelessly to protect and enhance their communities, to community organizations who work hand in hand with public safety leaders to build a better future, AXON hopes to highlight these outstanding partners through this year’s RISE Awards!

There are three RISE Award categories:

  • The RISE Officer award honors three officers who have saved a life or shown exemplary performance in the field. 
  • The RISE Agency award recognizes a department for making great strides in building up their community. 
  • The RISE Community award honors a community program working hand in hand with law enforcement to benefit their local community.

 Community members, friends and family may vote for one entry per day between September 2-17, 2021.

. The top 10 finalists with the most votes in each category will then be reviewed by a panel of judges and winners will be recognized at Accelerate 2021 in Phoenix, AZ.  You can vote for the Dover Police P.A.L. nomination at: https://riseawards.us.launchpad6.com/risecommunityawards/entry/110  

  • Three RISE Officer winners will receive an all-expense paid trip to Axon Accelerate in Phoenix, AZ November 1-3, 2021. 
  • One RISE Agency winner will receive $7,500 for their police foundation, police nonprofit or community project of agency’s choosing.
  • One RISE Community winner will receive $7,500 in funding towards the winning community program.