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Dover Police K9 Teams Receive National Certifications 4-6-17

The Dover Police Department K-9 Team’s consisting of M/Cpl. Fioravaniti/K9 Gerome, Cpl. Barrett/K9 Britt, Cpl. Bauer/K9 Gunner and Cpl. Figuera/K9 Reeko recently received National Certification through the National Police Canine Association. K9 teams all work and train to meet the certification standards established by the NPCA.  The teams traveled to Northern New Castle County with several other canine teams from various departments to complete the certification. The certification requires the team to complete several phases in each of the following categories: Obedience, Aggression Control, Area Search-for suspect, Building search-for suspect, Article Search, Tracking, Narcotics Detection.

From the NPCA website:
NPCA is a non-profit association dedicated to the training, development, and certification of law enforcement canine teams and their administrations.  NPCA strives to be the best resource for the professional canine unit. NPCA offers nationally accepted certifications throughout the year, across the United States. NPCA also provides regional and national canine training seminars. Our certifications offer realistic and attainable goals for today’s working service dog team. NPCA promotes and assists in the utilization of police service dogs in prevention and detection of crime. NPCA has Trainers, Instructors, a Standards Committee and Board of Directors  with vast canine experience in all canine related aspects. We offer street-realistic certifications in Patrol, Detection and Tracking and Trailing.
More information on certification standards can be found at:  https://npcaforms.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/standards.pdf

Cpl. Bauer and Gunner
Cpl. Figueroa and Reeko
M/Cpl. Fioravaniti and Gerome
Cpl. Barrett and Britt
Dover Police K9 Team