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Dover Police to Participate in No-Shave November for Charity 10-16-2018

Several officers from the Dover Police Department will have a new look for the month of November.  In partnership with the Fraternal Order of Police (F.O.P.) Lodge 15 (Dover Police), the Dover Police Department is allowing officers to grow facial hair as a fundraiser for “No-Shave November.”  Officers who wish to participate must contribute $30 ($1 per day) that will benefit the Delaware Prostate Cancer Coalition

Participating officers must adhere to the following grooming standards for the month of November:
Beards, whether full or goatees, are authorized; however they must be worn with a mustache. Beards shall be kept clean, neatly trimmed, and present a conservative, professional appearance. Facial hair of any kind that presents any sort of faddish appearance is prohibited. No portion of the beard may be exceptionally longer than the rest, and beard hair length will not exceed 1/4 inch. The neck must remain clean-shaven.

As of Tuesday, October 16th, a total of 42 employees have signed up for the fundraiser with another two weeks left to register.