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Dover Municipal Police Academy Graduates Seventeen Recruits 2-12-2021

The Dover Police Department is announcing the graduation of the Dover Municipal Police Academy.  On Friday, February 12th, 2021, the department hosted a socially distanced ceremony with limited attendance at the Dover High School auditorium to celebrate the end of the 19-week training academy.  Seventeen recruits from eight Delaware police agencies successfully completed the training and graduated.  

Speakers at the ceremony included Attorney General Kathy Jennings, United States Attorney for the State of Delaware Dave Weiss, City of Dover Mayor Robin Christiansen, and City of Dover Police Chief Thomas Johnson.  Governor John Carney was originally scheduled to speak but was forced to withdrawal due to a last minute scheduling conflict.

Several awards were also presented for outstanding performances by academy recruits:

Academic Achievement Award
The Academic Achievement Award is awarded to the recruit who continued to demonstrate a high level of academic proficiency throughout academy training.  Based on a series of tests to prove their understanding of course content, the recruits all received a final academic GPA.  While all of the recruits demonstrated tremendous work in the academic area, this recruit earned the highest average in the class with a 98.1 GPA. 

The award was presented to Dover Police recruit, Max Alderson.

Top Shot Award
The Top Shot Award is awarded to the recruit who demonstrated the highest level of marksmanship proficiency and firearms safety throughout a series of day and night firearms training and qualification courses. 

The Top Shot award was presented to Christopher Bowen of the Bridgeville Police Department.

Physical Fitness Award
The Dover Police Academy Physical Fitness Award is awarded to the male and female police recruits who demonstrated a high level of physical fitness, strength, and endurance throughout the academy.  These recruits also continued to push themselves to a higher level throughout the 19 weeks of physical training. 

The Physical Fitness Awards were presented to Dover Police recruit, Diego Zamora and Milford Police recruit, Aline Check-Guzman.

Francis T. Schneible  Resiliency Award
The Francis T. Schneible Resiliency Award is given to the police recruit who showed the most resiliency during the academy.  Francis Schneible began his law enforcement career with the Dover Police Department in 1968.  Just one year into his tour, Schneible was shot by a shoplifting suspect who was armed with a shotgun.  Schneible’s resiliency allowed him to continue to serve for four more years with Dover, later joining the Delaware State Police.  Schneible unfortunately lost his life 24 years after the shooting due to difficulties stemming from his injuries he sustained. 

The recipient of the Francis T. Schneible Award was William Evans III, from the Smyrna Police Department.  Members of the Schneible family were in attendance and also recognized during the presentation of this award.

Corporal Thomas Hannon Top Recruit Award
The Corporal Thomas Hannon Top Recruit Award is given to the police recruit who displayed an outstanding effort and demonstrated quality leadership throughout the 19-week academy.  This recruit always gave their best effort and went above and beyond to help their classmates throughout the challenges of the academy.  Corporal Thomas Hannon began his law enforcement career with the New York City Police Department before joining the Dover Police Department in 2005.  Corporal Thomas Hannon was also named the Top Municipal Recruit of his Delaware State Police 76th/64th Academy Class, which made it even more appropriate to name this award in his honor.

In 2012, Corporal Hannon suffered a leg injury during the arrest of a suspect and continued to suffer from complications as a result.  On September 1st, 2017, Corporal Hannon lost his life as a result of medical complications stemming from the injury and subsequent surgeries.

The recipient of the Corporal Thomas Hannon Top Recruit Award was Joshua Hebert of the Dover Police Department.  Members of the Hannon family were in attendance and also recognized during the presentation of this award.

Also in attendance was Milford police officer, T.J. Webb, who was shot in the line of duty during a December 2020 incident.  Webb was recognized by Captain Kober of the Dover Police Department, as a model of resilience and determination to make it home each and ever shift.  Webb was saluted with a long ovation by the attending audience. 

In his closing remarks, Captain Kevin Kober reminded the recruits of the challenges that lie ahead and reminded them of the Core Values of the Dover Municipal Police Academy: “Life has thrown all of us many challenges and the world we live in is far from perfect.  But I have faith, because of you and your commitment to this profession, despite those challenges.  I believe you will make your community and our world a better and safer place as you continue to be the examples of COURAGE, PROFESSIONALISM, and INTEGRITY

Graduating Recruits from the 2020-2021 City of Dover Municipal Police Academy:

City of Dover Police Department
Max Alderson
Joshua Hebert
Erin Marshall
Jordan Marucci
Connor Pellegrini-Foley
Jake Shepherd
Anthony Slaughter
Diego Zamora

Smyrna Police Department
William Evans III

Newport Police Department
Mark Savino, Jr.

Harrington Police Department
Jared Hacker
Tevin Thomas

Milford Police Department
Aline Check-Guzman

Seaford Police Department
Joan-Clare Nanola

Bridgeville Police Department
Christopher Bowen

Millsboro Police Department
Cody Jackson
Cody Justice