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Dover Police Holiday Heroes Fundraising Campaign 10-14-15

The temperatures are dropping, days are shorter, and the leaves are changing which also means the holiday season is quickly approaching.  While this time of year is certainly joyous for most, there are many families that simply do not have the means to provide gifts for their children.  Last year, Target and the Dover Police Department teamed up to start Heroes and Helpers.  Heroes and Helpers is a program that allows children from the Dover area to pair up with a Dover Police Officer to go shopping for Christmas gifts at the Dover Target store.  Last year the department was able to help 24 children from our area and provide them with a Christmas they likely would not have had.  After successful events in 2013 and 2014, requests for funding for similar programs increased, leading the the sharing of funds available.  Target is donating a generous $1,000 to the department for this program in 2015, which would only allow Dover officers to help 10-12 children.  The Dover Police Department is now launching a public fundraising campaign through the popular site Go Fund Me, to raise an additional $4,000.00 by November 24th so we can help 30 or more children have the Christmas they deserve.
For more information on the event, please see this story
 Heroes and Helpers

The fundraising page can be accessed here:
Heroes and Helpers Fundraising Page

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