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Dover PD Animal Control: Bring Pets Indoors During Cold Weather

With the winter finally arriving and temps expected to dip into the 20’s all week, Dover’s Animal Control Officer is reminding citizens to ensure their pets have proper shelter.  The best practice is to bring your pets in your home.  If you must leave your pet outside, the pet must have adequate shelter with 3 solid sides and a roof with fresh water at all times (not frozen).  Wood chips are a good base layer for bedding, as blankets can absorb moisture when outdoors and can actually make your pet colder.  The Dover Police Animal Control officer is conducting checks on animals that are outdoors to ensure shelter laws are followed.  Persons who are in violation are subject to seizure of their pets, city ordinance violations, and criminal charges for state law violations.  If you would like to report animal cruelty in the City of Dover, please contact 302-736-7111.